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From Pakistan in the field of journalism, We can share our experience for others by writing if they are useful in any sense.
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Recent pages by Siddiqui

Having a Credit Card is a great facility, A peace of mind in your pocket, But if you miss use it, it will change into a snake in your pocket.
I am Muslim..Why? Because my parents are Muslim....I am Hindu....Why? Because My parents are HOW FAITHFUL CHILDREN ARE WE!
If you have patience, Surely you can win from casinos
Birth of babies during relationship, long term or short term what ever! Attention those teenagers who are living with the term of long term relation ship and producing illegitimate children. Maybe your illegitimate child will sue for his/her losses.
While Visiting Thailand, You can visit 2 more countries by a lovely journey of Train to Singapore via Malaysia.
For those pretty girls who intend to marry and now on the stage of choosing Mr. Right for them.
Decide your monthly pension, death benefits by your self. In this page i try to alert those who are one man show in their family and running a small business.
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