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Val Mills
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In some communities running red traffic lights is causing reason for concern.
Tips for helping you let your online content reflect who you really are.
Ensure your kids are safe and happy on a long family road trip with a little prior planning.
The exchanging of Easter Eggs was a special part of my 1950s childhood.
When the weather, hot summer weather, interferes with a writing schedule.
On my recent cruise on the Sun Princess, from Sydney to Tasmania and back, we passed under the Sydney Harbour Bridge twice, both when departing and arriving back in Sydney.
Every writer has their own reason for churning out words. Why do you write? What is important to you?
We live in an era where it's never been easier to become life long learners. As writers we're all experts in something about our daily life, something that may seem familiar, but to others is a source of interest. Find something interesting about your life and share it with us.
No matter how experienced a writer is, careless writing can always sneak onto the page. Try using an online editing programme for feedback on how to improve the quality of your work.
Making choices about where to walk can be restrictive for some. Consider these options for your own safety and fitness.
A brief introduction to a cat who runs the household.
Are you one of those people who, like me, seem to be always be rushing around, taking life at full speed - until suddenly you feel burnt out? Maybe, like me, you need permission to slow down.
When visiting Hobart, the capital city of Tasmania, Australia, be sure to make time to explore the famous old warehouses of Salamanca Place, now converted into an exciting assortment of craft shops and galleries for Tasmanian art and crafts.
The new year is slowly ticking by. It is time to look at your regular routines and re-establish those that work for you.
Motivational tips to get you started on a walking programme for fitness and health.
Whether it's a short break away from home or a more ambitious holiday you're planning, by creating a separate holiday savings account you'll reach your travel plans sooner.
When travel time is at a premium, using local tourist hop on hop off transport enables you to see the most popular tourist attractions in a minimum of time.
Gardening is not as difficult as it seems, from the experience of a previously reluctant gardener.
Taking a cruise ship holiday or vacation offers many options that are included in the initial cost, making this an economical and enjoyable way to travel.
A writer always writes. After two years of writing elsewhere and experimenting with different styles my 2015 writing goals are in place.
Reflections on returning to my roots. Attending the celebrations of my primary school Centenary has enriched my life and reminded me of who I really am.
A retelling of the New Zealand Maori legend of Okatia and the formation of the Manawatu Gorge and River.
Radio in the 1950s was the dominant home entertainment for many families. One writer remembers the Sunday children's programme.
Life is too short to be grumpy. Writing can be a wonderful outlet, a channel for letting go of things that are bothering you.
Letter writing in childhood began a life long interest in writing. The method of communication may be different but people still link with like minded people around the world.
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