Abbie King

Abbie King
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I always wanted to write and now I am putting it in action. I love children and puts so much time parenting, so most of my writing is from my experiences as a mother, and mostly as a woman
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Is there real love between homosexuals, or is it just games?
Shall one postpone a wedding if she realizes it will fall on her menstrual period? Is it that important a factor in setting a wedding date?
These are days that I wish never existed in the year although I used to love them before I had my child.
Finding the sync between mobile phone manufacturers and mobile phone service providers
This is about how much care and worry people in relationships expect to get from their partners
Unless you are the new mom, keep these comments to yourself.
I have been looking for ways to give my son extra minutes of sleep in the morning and I found out I could give him about 15 minutes of sleep more by switching tasks around.
This page is about what is right with regards to adding your company clients in your personal social networks
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