X-yle Vincent

X-yle Vincent
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I am a teen looking to make a name for himself in a world where originality is near impossible. I am human and therefore capable of the greatest good and the darkest evils.short stories poems essays
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A short story on young love written as an assignment in my Creative Writing class. The rules were to have 200 sentences (I have a bit more) each containing only two words each. I know some of the sentences aren't sentences and are more "sentences" but read and comment anyway. Enjoy
A short poem on the noise of everyday life and what we have forgotten to listen to. Hear me
A short story I wrote inspired by a supersmash bros character (given away at the ending). May contain disagreeable content
This is a dark short story of love and anger, of anticipation and the fulfillment of that anticipation. Its minimally graphic
A short poem on the nothingness we are and we think we are. When the world seems bleak and all our achievements nothing but Fools Gold.
This is basically a one page essay regarding how a certain character has lost his humanity through a series of events that occur within the story.
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