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I am an emotional, creative and expressive person and I express my emotions in the form of poems and articles. I write in Hindi and English.
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Recent pages by Lavanya

A conflict between my conscience and the standards set up by the society
Sexual abuse during childhood is a scar that one can probably never get rid off. Here is my attempt to look at this abuse from the culprit's point of view.
This is how some love-stories begin... Probably some last like this...
I wrote this poem in order to promote child adoption and also to raise my voice against female infanticide. I just wonder how the parents, especially a mother, abandons a baby who has grown inside her. Every child has the right to live a joyous life. So adopt a child along with your b...
This is just my mad imagination. :-) I sometimes imagine things that are impossible and feel that it is fun.
This article is a dream that I saw actually. May the sudden and unexpected demise of my father was making me too restless and thus I had this dream to pacify me.
It is really painful when we do not get the love and appreciation that we deserve even after going out of our way to do good for others. Is being good so bad???
I don't know if the lines of this poem hold true for the rest of the world or not, but this poem is my view on the present scenario of the changing world around me. It's quite painful to see people turning so mechanical and emotionless.
This poem is my personal experience. The emptiness that I felt after my father's sudden demise provoked me to write this poem.
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