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Loredana Egri | LEE
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Constantly determined and focused, I stand for a new kind of society where innovation, implication and responsibility are facts. I write about thoughts, thoughts from my daily life.
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If the promises for good health and beautiful body didn’t make you more aware to your way of nutrition and sport, maybe the perspective of having more energy for a more satisfying life will do it instead! (the good part of this new perspective is that it does not require drastic ch...
Men always tend to analyze all the data that they have in order to find for the best solution. In order to be that solution, you have to be much more than a simple wife. You must be wonderful in every minute, there is no other way.
We can have all you’ve dreamed of if, we are willing to work hard up to your last energy resource that we posses.
In some parts of our lives we all act different than what we say. Being objective is one of the most difficult things to do, but we all can make progress at this, if we really want to.
We are so busy in our daily life, that sometimes we forget that what we have at home is the most important; The time spent with our life partners is the most important, not running all day for money and recognition!
One of the most common sources of dissatisfaction at work is: the lack of appreciation! If this problem would have consequences only on the productivity at work, things would be great. But on most of the times, this frustrations will have effect on the personal life also. With this a...
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