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r. nuñez
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I am a shamanic priest. I like to write about spirituality, the macabre, and the occult. I write short stories, poetry, songs, and the occasional cynical article.
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This is a story of unexplainable horror, based on an old Mexican legend, and situated around the traditionally much-celebrated girl’s fifteenth birthday.
This is another installment in a book about the author’s experience living and learning in a spiritually inclined community and his educational development as a shamanic priest.
A description of my first out-of-body experience, this disclosure is presented with some foreboding; it is not intended to inspire experimentation without guidance.
This is a short story of the unexplainable – tragedy and mystery on one side, and amelioration and wonder on the other.
The field of poetry is vast and ancient. This is only a minute sampling of styles with some brevity of origins.
This is a collection of five sonnets, all written within the same month, and all referencing different aspects of love’s mystique – titled in Italian, since the sonnet was invented in Italy.
Here is a very short story that celebrates the spirit of Halloween with the ambiance of nightmare, the suspense of anticipation, and the despair of helplessness.
Custom harvesters, seasonally, pack up gear, load their big expensive machines, and travel interstate to bring in the harvests (mostly wheat) of other farmers. It is an impressive sight.
In some ways, these terms are simple, in some ways complicated; they are more than words. We have to be born into, grow with, and experience certain concepts in order to fully understand them.
This is a muddy poem. Mud is used to help make women beautiful, to hide the inhibitions in men, and for making children’s toys – not to mention the porcine bliss.
With this essay, I attempt to explain the relationship of the spirit helpers to the shaman, to include plants, crystals, and animals; and I can only speak from my own experience and about my own helpers.
This disclosure is part of the book ‘The New Order of Shama’an’ and is presented with some foreboding; it is not intended to inspire experimentation without guidance.
These are four of my songs that address a favorite recurring subject of mine … change. Change is the only constant, it is said; and because of change, nothing else is constant.
This is my second offering of unrelated verses, five poems that address the relationship of mind and environment, those blurry objects that keep drifting across our lines of sight, and the world inside the globe.
These five poems address the fragility of what some consider to be their strongest asset – faith.
These are five poems with nothing in common, except that each makes its own pointed assertion.
A little boy faces his calling and sees what cannot be seen … what should not be seen … by a little boy.
This is a story of the wonder and imagination of a little boy … and something not imagined. It is a true story. Time and memory have affected only a few details.
These verses sort of illustrate a day in the life of a cat that lives across the street from me.
We may never know what kind of man Thomas Edison really was. We have his many contributions to our modern way of life, and we have the representations as told by romanticists, promoters, and image mongers … but only one side of his character has ever been presented.
Where does the perception of reality fade, so that the fantasied perception can begin? And then, once in the fantasy, how does one get out … assuming one wants to?
These six poems present a thought-process, as one might ponder the endeavor of writing and contemplates the phases or aspects of one’s life. Of course, it is my life I am contemplating.
This is another chapter from the book ‘The New Order of Shama’an’ and a follow-up to the chapter ‘The Recognition and Realization of the Intuitive Consciousness’, both of which are referenced and linked at the end of the page.
All things sometime must turn into dust, but nothing ever becomes nothingness.
I also have heard enough and seen enough renditions about the Titanic disaster, but this story is about the ship that played the Titanic in the Nazi-made movie about the undying legend.
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