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Don't ask my favorite anything; Equanimity steers me well. A love for Nature and Life drives my passion to pursue enlightenment, and heal and inspire the world.
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An outline of what I believe friendships should be, as well as what they should not be. If you know people struggling to understand what a friendship truly is, perhaps you can present this as a mirror for them to bounce their worrisome questions off in reflection.
This is an attempt to explain one possibility in the complexities of communication and listening--mutual understandings--from a very right-brained perspective. It might make more sense if you think in terms of energy and frequency (quantum physics), and try to imagine telepathic commu...
I wrote this in September of 2004 in my Creative-Nonfiction class at (Eng. 230). For this assignment, we had to pick an article or a real life story and fill in the detail "holes" with our own perspective. This was my version based on a true story of a girl in Fort Collins, Colorado w...
A poem to help a friend see their worth; perhaps an abused family member who needs support.
Everything is opportunity; even missing one. All information and experience is good information or experience; what matters most is what we DO with the opportunities presented in both.
Sitting in a coffee shop, contemplating and observing both patrons and employees.
A child is a seed. In the future they will become a tree. What fruits will your trees grow?
What kind of experience does this paint for you? What landscapes, or mindscapes, form in your head upon immersing imagination in these words?
Do you question reality, and your reactions to anything that happens in your life? Do you check your perspective often? Perhaps this meditative exercise could act as a tool to help.
A brief blurb designed to encourage united contemplation--collective intention--which also poses a meditative question at the end.
Poem about a voyage through Life, requesting companionship.
Inspirational poem about helping a friend after an abusive relationship.
A poem encouraging someone who has fallen and needs to regain their footing.
A poem written for a friend I intended to meet--hoping it would blossom into a relationship--though we ended up losing contact for a few years, and now she is my wife and the mother of my child.
A short story written in first-person present tense about family, love, a child's curiosity, betrayal and forgiveness.
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