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Prasul Surendran
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I am an engineer working as systems analyst in one of the leading firms. Writing has been my passion and through various blogs and forums I try to portray my will.
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There is no doubt Linux has grown out to be the most popular open-source OS in the present generation, there are few myths that needs to get busted!
The common term in use after the recession has struck the world. Just a quick guide on what I gather from the word.
A small bottle that could purify the bacteria and most of the viruses out!
A short description of various types of forests and their geographical specialities.
There has been lot of talks about the financial Inclusion and its implementation in India. A walkthrough on what the details are!
The short story of five friends and the one day which made them realize friendship!
The Short story about five friends and their day at school when they realized their friendship!
A short story about five friends who realized their value of friendship on the particular day!
A short story about five friends and their friendship tales!
A short story about five friends and their strong belief in friendship.
The transfer of capital from Calcutta to Delhi had created more agitation among the radicals; this was completed by the assassination attempt of Viceroy
The Indian Nationalist movements were causing tremors on administration and this resulted in British government taking measures to break the movement.
For a nationalist movement for freedom to be successful there were lot more hurdles that needed to be covered and this is a small walk through for the events.
Following decades after the rebellion was much calm and this also made way for the combined movements to be formed against the colonial rule and also helped to shape the movement from provincial movements to National Movement for Independence.
The rebellion of 1857 which is more often referred to as sepoy mutiny was the first official outbreak of fights against the colonial rule in India.
The story of five friends and the events that happened with the injury of one of her friend.
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