Jack Woodlock

Jack Woodlock
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I write poetry and small excerpts about anything, I'm a young writer, just trying to get out there.
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Went for a night-walk the other day, and this is what came out of it.
This came to me after taking some LSD and getting really introspective with myself.
I wrote this as an ode to the great and and raw Kerouac
I wrote this for the girl that im currently dating and currently, love.
Inspired to me after going for a walk in the night around the city with a smoke in hand and a lingering thought in the other.
Partly inspired after reading some Allen Ginsberg poetry.
Came to me while i was in my downtown area at night, letting all the city soak into me and out filtered this poem.
Reflect yourself in the poem when you read it, it helps.
New York New York New York New York New York New York
We all sit there alone, but we can all sit there together, move around, and still be together.
love love love love love, that's just a word we use, wait until the power overcomes you, it's absolutely incredible.
Part three of the short story of Mr. Hudson and his night style.
Dont know, whatever you make of it, make it yours.
An excerpt about this strange man, called Mr. Hudson. New feelings arise in the beauty of the city and the ending night.
You think you know how to read these people, better said fragile creatures. But nobody does.
A small excerpt from a short story of mine, Mr. Hudson. It focuses on the beauty of the city and the night and the things around you.
This is a poem about you being you, thats its okay to feel like an outsider and to not go along with popular opinion.
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