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I feel mysterious. Go away.
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Recent pages by YaN

This is the 2nd part to the 'Propaganda Within Everything' Series.
My perspective of the world and how it works. As this topic is quite vast (enough that I could write an encyclopedia on it) I'll overly simplify it as much as I can and divide it into a few parts...
An old English assignment, writing a parody of Shakespeare's Sonnet 18 and taking a different/funnier/(better) spin on it.
This is a poem/rhyming I wrote a while back for my English class, I hope you enjoy it.
A poem type thing I wrote whilst a stroke of boredom found me sitting there, being productive. I cut out some of it as it wasn't all that good in my opinion.
A poem/rhymes/lyrics/whatever you want to call it I wrote a while back...
Here is a collection of my personal favorite quotes regarding patriotism.
My brief review on the brilliant movie, Inception.
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