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am a teacher in a local college, in the department of early childhood studies, i contribute to a local magazine - kids corner, i write on family and children. my focus here will be on education, family and children.
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The work place is one of the places where our resilience is put to the test every day. How you manage stress in the office depends on your resilience- Covey.
Every working woman with a child has at least on horror story to share about leaving her baby in the hands of a virtual stranger. Child caregivers have become an essential part of our households, while some parents have uneventful experiences with their children’s nannies; there are...
Your ability to pay yourself better and fulfill all your dreams rests in your hands, not your boss’ or your clients’.
A class with large number of pupils can be tiresome to manage however when you have creative ways to overcome the challenge well this can be an easy time and as a teacher you enjoy your career.
Talk of domestic violence, children learn by observation and they are likely to learn violation of opposite sex just as they see mum and dad treat each other or the gendered based treatment at the family level.
The success in your child's future is likely determined by the self believe, it is therefore important for parents to build their child's self esteem, in this case the child has a potential to explore the world without fear, like venture into business, go for elective positions or ta...
This will help the family expecting a new born to prepare the other children early enough that they have new born awaiting, train the immediate offspring to being independent and get involved in preparation of the new born. Its a must READ.
The family has its big role in preparing their child to first time at school, some of this things involves the the life skills and self care skills. its good to familiarize your child with prospective schoolmates, teachers as well as the school environment this will enhance a smooth a...
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