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freedom, love, faith and destiny
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There is a place my heart longs to be, where my mind can finally be free. But the door to my freedom has no key. I am trapped beneath my own sadness debris. I pray to God to reveal my ultimate destiny
Teach me the way to freedom is a spiritual conversation between a teacher and student. The conversation takes place in the school of life where the lessons are usually hard. The subject is freedom.
A virgin Island is an island that has never felt human feet. A virgin heart is a heart that has never felt love.
I am a coloring pen that paints the life of others, but I can’t paint myself. I am blind in this world of artificial colors. I live in a world of spiritual colors that colorize the inner selves of others. I have only one color that is chosen for me, but I can’t change it. This is ...
Faith is a promise that stronger than love, when doubt knocks at your heart’s door, love will leave through the window of the soul. Only then regret will break your heart.
Not every fall is an end, the fall of the rain is a new beginning. For hope does despair most fear. For a true love that is stronger than fate.
I saw a beautiful rose that survived the storm in Birmingham, Alabama. This brought forth a chain of implicit thoughts. I needed to talk to the rose about what it has come and grown through.
Fallen leaf is a journey to destiny through love. In the fall when the leaf detaches from the tree, it doesn’t know where the wind will carry it. When you fall in love, you don’t know where the wind of love will carry you
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