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Finished two graduate courses and one post graduate course.I can write technical reports, poems,news,love stories,technology and business-related topics
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This poem shares the agony of time the heart encounters due to many reasons. It relates extreme sadness and pain that no matter how intense the feeling is hope is still the very powerful instrument to outsmart the blues of life ...time heals the broken heart.
This poem is dedicated to Wikinut.Its closure will be so painful for writers like me.Though I been inactive for many months, but my heart always beats for my love for wiki site.My heart aches,but we have to move on our ways.
The poem inspires those, who do not believe that life is like this we have to fight, until the end...and to encourage negative people to change their mind, set this time to positive.
This poem shares the beauty of nature and its works and creations. It teaches people to appreciate rain as another important source of life.
This poem tells naturally about love,how it goes,grows and shares joys and pains.
This poem may be true to the world of humans .It tells about too much greediness of money and power.This greediness may resort to life's destruction.It also shares destruction of life due to endless wars.
This poem echoes the pain in the past, those who happen to experience failure in love. The author wants to voice out her contentions that as long as we live, there is always a chance to meet the true love of life.
This posts shares you awesome characteristics and views about love.
This poem tells about the longing and the remembering of the past love concealed by the works of nature as man by nature is vulnerable.Love always plays in mysterious ways.
This post tells something about joy in writing regardless of the effort and return of it.It shares about writing as the only way to express our thoughts and feelings legally here at Wikinut.
This poem tells about some truths about the beauty of the world being abused by heartless and Godless humans.
This poem tells about desperate moment only the mind of the human understands and resolves.
The recipes shared here are good for New Year celebration.Try them and you'll surely like their tastes.
This article shares you sort of reminder. You might exceed to the maximum allowance of your intake.
The poems I shared here relate happenings during Yuletide season.Let's be merry and set aside once and for all loneliness.While it's true that the world is rocked with numerous crimes,celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ cannot be ignored by His believers.Merry Christmas readers!Have...
The recipes shared here are easy to prepare.They are also very affordable.They are goof for your health.Try them
This poem shares about the different moods of love.It also gives you joy and inspiration.
This poem shares happiness about music.Melodious music eliminates all our struggles and pains of life.Please read and enjoy.
This poem relates about hope beyond hope.It also shares some struggles in the past and such struggles led the person to succeed.
This poem is written only for you whose heart is in trouble,whose mind is restless,whose love is wasted by someone else.Read to know and relax yourself.
This article shares you about the launching of NASA's aircraft named NASA's New Horizon to planet Pluto by January 2015.
The poems shared here depict about different feelings of a person once touched.It shares about the power of touch.
This page shares some realities about the importance of money and relates some reasons why money is not root of all the evils. It is man that makes money in an evil way.
The thoughts shared here may serve as your inspiration as you on with your day-to-day activities.They are very much relevant to human beings.
This poem is composed for the 6 years old autistic boy thrown by her own mother unto bridge that shocks the entire world.
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