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I am passionate about history, culture, current events, science and law
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Recent pages by kaylar

An examination of the relationships between the older woman and younger man
The rather surprising revelations which emerge when you watch television serials online in a kind of 'marathon'
What happened to Wkinut and how it can be brought back
How to become aware of and shrink your Carbon Footpring
On line writers; lemmings running off the cliff or waiting for the toothfairy?
When you do something which is really bad and are rewarded for it
Not all Psychopaths are serial Killers, many are successful Members of Society
Imagine if the change in Climate was going in the other direction.
A few well known Hoaxes and how people trick themselves into belief.
The Actual Reason Why Google has marked online writing sites that pay as 'Content Farms'
Google has become far too powerful, its time we cut it down to size.
Who appointed Google the arbiter of what we can and can not read?
A real life spy much of whose personality Ian Fleming Used to Create James Bond
How people consistently fall for Health Scams during the past 100 years
How 'illegitimate' children were dealt with by some 'orphanages' in the Victorian Era
What happens when a site allows crap to be published and what happens when they try to correct it
A side long glance at the kind of mentality of oppression that creates Mental Slavery
When you need to know the truth, find out whose pocket is effected
An examination of the creation of the 'music industry' and who profitted
An Overview of the landscape of writing online, the scams, the low pay, the tricks and how to avoid them
The base reason why American racism is manifesting in a degree last seen in the post-reconstruction era
The result of peculair parenting practices and ultra liberalism created a woman who doesn't know who or what she is
Understanding why and how Sepp Blatter could have ruled FIFA and despite the scandals been re-elected.
How using various tricks and playing the Site those who publish there dig their own graves
How and When the United States of America became an imperialist/colonist power.
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