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Interest: technology and development.
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Research is done to understand problems in order to address them in a much better way for development.
How to bring equality of among both sexes? Domination of any single sex is not a good idea.
Find out how to control them? What are their reactions if they are disappointed?
There are societies which are formed based on food habits. Some support while others oppose it.
“Digg” and “Mixx” are two social and famous bookmarking websites. But, which is better?
Should the entry of google need to be encouraged or discouraged?
It is an opportunity to become entrepreneur as well as to expand the business.
They are sometimes considered as bunch of losers. What makes them repulsive?
Is there a correlation between violence and diet. If it is, it may be interesting to study.
A website gives us chance to showcase our talent. But, it is important to slect the appropriate domain for making a website.
Malaria is communicable and curable disease, which is still not completely eradicated because of certain reasons, though possible solutions can be used/developed to combat it.
It helps in getting edge over the competitors but it may not be as easily visible as it seems.
Read the clues and find the answer. One clue is already given in the title. For rest clues come in.
A writing style which makes writing easy with the ability to make your thoughts easy to understood.
Everyone in this world has some wishes but few can fulfill them.
How will you react, if it is said that they both have similar status.
Discrimination is an issue prevalent globally in various ways against various people. It is important to realize the impact it can have on the development of the discriminated people.
Society won’t stop unless a marvelous feat is achieved by the scientists.
Science has played a pivotal role in bringing our society to the current state. An issue on which our future depends.
When a stereotype asks a poor are you poor. The answer is worth listening.
It is not an easy job to become a guide. Knowing your capability is not sufficient, you also need to understand the needs of your apprentice.
The way you analyze your data can determine the probability of making a wrong decision
In order to get or give direction, selection of an approach is important. In many cases, an inappropriate approach can lead to reverse effect. One effective method is a case study approach. One can learn a lot by reading a case study, an approach which separated the B-Schools style of...
Everything change but when it comes to priority, it is important to make those things of high priority which can have impact on future.
It is not possible to control the change, whoever tried paid whether it was the church before renaissance, suppression of women or genocide by Hitler. The only work which can be done is to give direction to the change.
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