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Eunice Tan
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I live in Central Java Indonesia. I want to share information about life or about the place where I live with you. Find me at:
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Tangerine skin that usually used as an ingredient for sauce or chopped cucumber proved to have powerful power to cope with cancer.
This year Christmas, I celebrate it with Boney M's song Mary's Boy Child
Scientists found four molecules that could provide clues for the death.
Through his poetry, Chairil Anwar succeeded in infusing Indonesian with a new spirit and a new enthusiasm. Enjoy one of his poems here.In this poem Anwar foretold his own death.
Most of us are familiar with the old saying: “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.”
From a research conducted by Rowett Research Institute in Aberdeen, Scotland the health benefits of tomato seeds are revealed.
Since there is a risk of breast cancer in most women, this article talks about simple ways to avoid breast cancer.
Scientists confirm the existence of a new species of shark. This shark walks instead of swimming.
This is the work schedule of our bodies, although many other variables may influence, we can use this data as a benchmark. Do you know how long it takes to increase weight?
It is not easy to make chocolate ganache cake that looks sweet. There are few secrets in this article that you can use.
Depression is a systemic disease, it can involve other parts of the body.
Basically all vegetable plants can be grown in pots, pepper plants are no exception
When it is found at an early stage, cancer is basically a disease that can be treated and cured.
Without realizing I often consume fruit juice while I want to reduce body fat. Fruit juice has turned out a large number of calories so it is not good to loose weight.
It is beautiful if there is true friendship between the two young actors over the years, even more than 20 years. Leo and Tobey have one.
At least we do often hear about "Finding Nemo". Now we will soon enjoy "Finding Dory".
Rambutan could be argued as super fruit, because it has so many benefits.
We often encounter beauty problems such brittle and thinning hair, dark circles under the eyes, dry skin, yellow teeth, dry mouth, acne, skin wrinkles, skin breaks and so on. What should we eat to overcome this problem?
One of my colleagues once hit by a bomb. Her eardrums was troubled, her hands needed surgery several times to remove the nail or metal flakes. Her hair was on fire. But she was lucky because no limbs to be amputated. Other bomb victims had to be amputated or even have to loss their li...
Without realizing, we lack several mineral or fiber that we need to maintain a good health. We need super food. Sometimes it is hard to find the super food. But do not worry there is chia seed.
Do not avoid egg yolks because it has a myriad of benefits.
Sometimes when we wake up, we feel the acid in our mouths. How and what should we do to keep our mouths fresh when we wake up.
Chinese food is considered to be sufficient balance between food that is 'hot' (yang) and 'cold' (yin). Try this Chinese style diet.
Besides consumed to aid digestion system, what are the other benefits of yogurt?
Despite the high nutritional content, egg yolk contains cholesterol so we cannot consume it too much. How many eggs should we eat each day?
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