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I jot down life experiences of my own and those around me in the form of poems or narratives.
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Many fall short of surviving the oppression that takes hold of their life.
They may try and block you but keep on running....
Work in progression of what your love means to me.
One of my best friend's passed away 10 years ago and today marks the 10th birthday she has been gone. The writing may not be perfect or even good but today this is how I feel in my 10th year of missing her.
Sometimes we just need to stop, listen, and learn something new.
I have heard many stories of various forms of addiction and so here it is.
After watching a movie was moved to put pen to paper.
Never lose hope...victory always comes after the storm.
***Make living in fear no longer an option for your life today!***
Something for my father and cousin who are deeply missed by many.
There has been loss among many and these writings are inspired by that.
Thoughts about the heart of a man I wrote a few poems for about a decade ago.
Something that just came to me that may or may not make sense to the reader but yet a true form of expression.
Sometimes the thoughts that go through your mind when you have a bad day in your relationship.
This is something I wrote ages ago to combat those thoughts and people who try and make you feel less than yourself when in all actuality you are everything!
Sometimes the death of a key person can bring down the hammer on an unsuspecting family member.
This is something I wrote after the death of Michael Joseph Jackson. I became very annoyed with people and comments about basically being "different" like it's a disease or something!
These two short entries are about moving forward in life. A bonus entry of encouragement as well.
Sometimes I don't have a page summary when it is 2 different types of poems!
Sometimes it's even harder to come up with a new page summary about poems that reflect your life and those around you!
These are poems that I've written that are a true reflection of my life at one point or another.
These poems are the ups and downs of intimate relationships I've encountered through others and my own.
I've met a variety of people throughout the years and through their experiences and mine I write a variety of poems to express the emotions of the most trying times in life.
These are a few poems written for loved ones who are now no longer with us.
Here lies three poems that makes the reader go and look into themselves
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