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Timothy Sexton
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Timothy Sexton owns EverythingofInternet.com, has published two novels & contributes to "Sherlock Holmes & Philosophy," "Jeopardy & Philosophy," "Jurassic Park & Philosophy" and "Dracula & Philosophy"
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Recent pages by Timothy Sexton

This article introduces the uninitiated to the new world of warming up before exercising. Dynamic warm-up exercises are explained and examples given.
When most people think of modeling, they think of runways, catwalks and the cover of Vogue. In fact, the modeling industry is much more expansive and opportunities for work are more plentiful than you might expect. Just don't expect to get rich cashing in on them.
A look at what gun control opponents say are the causes of gun violence and the one unifying element that they overlook.
Homestuck is a webcomic that prides itself on being hip and intellectually elevated. The response from fans to an article I wrote indicates that such hipness and intellectually snobbery may be somewhat less than deserved.
Some advice on how to make the most of your time when you are stuck waiting on a flight inside an airport.
A look at the lyrical content of five memorable theme songs to American TV shows.
New Order was a phoenix born from the ashes of Joy Division following the suicide of lead singer Ian Curtis. A fan since the early 80s, here is one man's opinion of the top five songs of New Order.
If you haven't seen the Korean film "Oldboy" yet then you have no business taking part in any discussion about the greatest films of the 21st century.
1931's Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde contains an astonishing transformation scene that beats any special effect in any movie today. What's more the, transformation scene creates a metaphor for the psychological depth of the movie.
Coital Alignment Technique is a method of sexual intercourse that has proven to be exceptionally effective at allowing women unable to reach orgasm through intercourse to do exactly that.
Blind Alley is a 1939 movie starring Chester Morris and Ralph Bellamy. Preceding Alfred Hitchcock's Spellbound by six years, this gritty crime drama centers on a psychologist probing the subconscious drives of a prison escapee holding several people hostage.
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