James Elliot

James Elliot
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James is a Copy Writer and English Correction specialist at www.ukcopy.co.uk.
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We all want to look better but we're often put off from working out by the amount of time and effort involved. Here is a quick little trick that will have your bottom looking better in no time with very little effort.
Learning chords can be difficult and frustrating for beginners but with this approach they can learn them quicker and get to the point where they can play 'a proper song' before they give up.
Changing Guitars chords quickly enough to play a tune or play along with a CD can be difficult for beginners. This is a method to make it easier and to teach you good habits for the future.
Finger dexterity is essential for playing chords and especially learning new ones. This exercise will strengthen your fingers and make them more flexible. This will make it easier to learn both open and moveable chords.
Guitar players often reach a plateau where they stop getting better. It's frustrating because it is hard to see how to get over it and take things to the next level. It turns out that if you want to get faster and get better there is an easy solution. A simple change in your approach ...
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