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I am living in Glasgow. I love reading crime and fantasy novels and writing. I am currently writing my first novel. I am pregnant with my first child due in September, looking forward to parenthood!
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A yummy chocolate orange version of the egg-free chocolate mug cake.
My egg free adaptation of chocolate mug cake. This recipe is extremely quick and easy to make.
A great alternative to original chick pea falafel. Simple and quick recipe which is tasty too. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.
Indian food doesn't have to be scary. Curry is a relatively easy meal to make once you know how, and you can mix things up by experimenting. Here is an easy curry recipe which i think tastes pretty good!
Chapattis make a great accompaniment to any curry dish. They are relatively easy and quick to make and taste great.
Things to do in Edinburgh for free or very little cost. A guide for tourists, family's and individuals looking for entertainment in the capital city.
Trapped in darkness with no memory as to how or why she got there, Sian attempts to find out the truth about her life.
First person narrative story about a young boy's first sighting of Snow White
A young girl wakes up to find herself stuck in a room with no knowledge of how she got there or where she was.
Strange things happen in the night-time when a group of young vampire's venture out...
A trip to a graveyard proved to be a lot different than expected…
Childbirth should be a joyous and happy time. It is important to be fully aware of pain relief options available during labour.
Sightseeing doesn't have to cost a bomb. Fun things to do in Glasgow for free!
Many women find it difficult to know what is and what is not safe to eat and drink during pregnancy. In this article I will provide some important information on food and drink to avoid, as well as those that are safe.
Encouraging physical development in early childhood is extremely important. This article provides information on early child development.
Many women are opting for water births lately, but what are the facts?
When expecting a new baby many people enjoy trying to guess what the sex of the child will be. This article will provide some old wives tales and ancient methods used to predict a baby's sex.
Young children learn through sensory exploration. This article provides information on creating a treasure basket for young children and babies.
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