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I write from the soul.
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Having followed ISIS in the media, I had very pessimistic views on Muslims, but then I met someone who changed my whole perspective. Not just a Muslim, but my friend.
Rooted in unity,although mistreated, we are not defeated.
Random rhyming about a random friendship. A friendship that was never meant to be.
As the music plays, I let my mind go and the words flow.
I have cried my last tear, I have no fear. We all experience death, some sooner rather than later.
A newly acquired friendship that tests the boundaries, almost ruining the friendship altogether.
Talking about personal issues has always been a major deal, hence why i use this site. However, this past year i have felt able to do it, but the consequences after have made me vulnerable. I climb back into my black hole.
A relationship that did not work out, the child paying the price.
You try and forget the past, but it seems to follow you everywhere. Some things you can't forget and they just ruin your life.
I wrote this a couple of years ago and actually made me feel better afterwards.
Making decisions is hard enough, but making a life changing decision is even harder.
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