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I am a school teacher by profession.I love to write on various subjects.My topic of interest are: Poetry, Teaching, embroidery, fabrics, receipes and social networking
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Talent management has become a prime issue for a industry in today's world.Retaining talent and cadres has become one of the toughest task for an organisation.The article emphasizes a few salient points that need to be nurtured by the top management to retain its vast pool of talent.
Concept of understanding negativity has become one of the prime issue for all employees in an organisation.The articles points a few categories which need to be understood by each one of us who work for any organisation.
The post provides a few tips on homemade dishes which are helpful for all ages.
The post carries a few tips on skin care which includes nurturing procedure for oily and dry skins.It gives a few tips to get rid of sunburns.These are most important in these festive days of Holy "The Festival of Colour".
Durgapur Aerotropolis will be the first Aerotropolis located in India.It marks the existence of this place in the field of aviation and Aerotropolis.
Will Facebook face any challenge from the launch of Google Plus? My prediction on the future of Google plus in social networking domain.
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