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I am an Afrikaner American and I have learned to embrace my role as an evangelist, writer and traveler. My writing is a reflection of my experience, journeys and theology.
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Human rights were advertised. The French seemed to be the beacon of the world. Women were being glorified. The British sometimes joined in with France's dance. Slavery is mocked. Science gives hope to the discouraged. Germany ruffles feathers.
The scroll called Numbers does not seem to be as miscellaneous in its format as the scroll before it (Leviticus). The sages say it is a book of archives, legislation and narrative.
The Leviticus scroll is where Jah focuses in on holiness. A person would think that Leviticus refers to the Levites; the Hebrew term for this scroll is appropriate: Vayikra, 'he called'. My translation opens up with, 'Then the LORD summoned...' It is God's instructions for his priests...
Exodus is the 2nd scroll found in the Teaching of Moshe. When we read this scroll, we see why Israel does what it does today, and why Jah refuses to ever let Israel be trampled as a nation. That is, God will not let Israel cease to exist as a country in the Land of Israel.
The United States of America is ignoring its roots. There are some citizens who do not even know their roots. What made this Republic great was Torah, the Teaching of Moshe. This Teaching is found in 5 scrolls - Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy. Consider this a surv...
I am not so sure Moses William Shapira is the bad Hebrew certain men have made him out to be. Come, enter into this world of intrigue; see the life of a man who has aroused my curiosity via his fascinating personality and his captivating fruits.
This is my review/commentary on 'Man Seeks God', Eric Weiner's latest book. After reading his book 'Geography of Bliss' back when I was in Hawaii years ago, I was lookiing forward to his next book. It did not disappoint.
This is the final page on my survey of the nations. Central America and North America sort of make up 1 continent, and yet they seem to almost be distinct land masses. I wrap up this series of pages with the nation I began with: Israel.
South America and the Caribbean are my focus on this page.
This page is about the rest of Europe. I have walked the streets of Sicily, Germany and the Netherlands - and I am hungry for more!
Europe is the land of my ancestors, but removed by several generations. My father's went from Europe to Africa; my mother's from Europe to North America. Between my father and mother, I am a mix of English and Dutch, with probably a bit of German, Irish, Welsh, Scottish and French ble...
The Pacific Ocean is filled with a variety of God's brilliance, just as much as the rest of the world. This largest of oceans caresses the east coast of a continent dominated by English-speakers (Australia), borders a South Pole continent (Antarctica), and is the abode of hundreds of ...
When one looks at the map of the former Soviet empire, you can see why there was more than a little concern in the West. The Communist real estate was huge! Today we find some nations which share 2 continents (Europe/Asia), lands where once was a political disaster. This page also con...
We now enter the Far East and all their humble or not-so-humble friends. From India to Japan, from China to Brunei, our world today is witnessing the shift of focus from the West toward the East, which, as always, is anchored by yours truly - Israel.
This page is a continuation of Part 2, about the rest of Africa, and on into Asia via the Middle East.
This is a continuation of the African nations, starting at the western bend of the continent. My survey contains good and bad news, but bad news which I think is necessary for the world to know about.
This is a survey of the nations of the world, pointing out unique features which appealed to me as I did my research, using a map to guide me. My survey direction starts along the coasts, then goes inland.
Christians must realize that there would be no Christmas without Hanukkah. Here is some background as to why.
God knows Bible translation does not show us his full glory. That is why he has given us Hebrews to lead the way. Their native tongue - Hebrew - shows us salvation and fills in the places of doubt.
Benjamin Disraeli is my favorite English hero. His life has so many connections to my struggles. But mostly I write about the how, when, where, and what of his life. Disraeli's theology and approach to life is akin to mine. To me, he is like the Shakespeare of the 1800's. He has inspi...
India is such a strange place to a person who has never visited before. It has a bizarre nature which entices me. A nation as incredible as India is here before you laid out, wherein I have highlighted points of interest which intrigue me. At the same time I try to give a random and b...
Luther's love of freedom, Spain's love of greed, and Mexico's innocence brought together the vision of liberty which the West craved. The interesting behavior of the Turks, the dreamers of Europe, and the boldness of explorers threw the shackle irons into the furnace.The Russians and ...
This is the beginning of what I hope to be a series of world history pages. With the help of encyclopedias (the Encyclopedia Judaica being the old stand-by) and a magazine, I put before you what strikes my fancy, mingled with worldwide consensus, with a touch of American elitism. You ...
The forts of the Bar-Lev Line are probably unknown to most of the world, but they have shaped modern politics more than most realize.
Most people do not know what revelation is, because what they do know has been obscured by the world, the flesh and the devil. This short writing attempts to take away what blinds the masses so they may see what the purpose of life is.
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