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i m interested in writing articles about whatever fancies me
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If you have a pet, such as a cat or a dog, you may become so attached to it that in time you almost feel it's "human". That is, you begin to think it can express the way it feels in terms of human emotions, such as crying, or perhaps even laughing.
No one can as yet explain how the brain is able to store away memories and how we are able to recover these memories from the brain. But we do know quite a bit about different kinds of remembering, and the methods that seem to help us remember.
Lightening and thunder must have been among the first things about nature that mystified and frightened primitive man. When he saw the jagged tones of lightening in the sky and heard the claps and rumbles of thunder, he believed the gods were angry and that the lightening and thunder ...
Who doesn't want a relationship that is on a perma-high; where you are always loved-up and totally into each other; where both of you can see or do no wrong. And we all have that kind of relationship - for one week after we start seeing a new guy. Want to keep love out of rocky roads ...
Certain aspects of your appearance might drive you crazy, but men aren't paying ATTENTION.
If someone makes you feel bad for this stuff, say "You let me live my way, and I'll let you live yours. Deal?"
Cocooning yourself on your sofa with a good book is a great way to chill out and forget the day's stresses. If you feel relaxed when you go to bed, you're more likely to get your beauty sleep. So banish all thoughts of your job and treat yourself to a little me-time before you turn in...
It may not sound glam, but reorganizing your clothes storage can make over your style - and save money too.
Love is everything... don't lose it.... fight tooth and nail.... don't lose it...
Here's a list of the different types of handbags used globally today
Two friends meet with an accident one day. One of them loses his eyesight and the other one is unconscious. Then, one of them has recovered back to normal and the other one becomes blind. This story has the moral that one should always stick by their friends no matter what... apprecia...
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