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Retired Senior Manager from a nationalised bank in India. I am a trainer and freelance writer and I write articles on banking, economics, health etc. I am available at
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IBPS is conducting common written examinations for recruitment of clerks and officers in nationalised banks in India and the following is a model question paper in banking awareness
When it comes to the various terms relating to medicine, symptoms related to arthritis are found to be the results of wear and tear between the bone ligaments after a period of time.
Life is a miracle and nobody can predict as to how the life will be and it is a pleasure for people who learn to live each minute and it will be a curse for those who are least bothered about the time available at their disposal
It is the responsibility of each individual to eat hygienic food while he is eating food at hotels and restaurants
Ms Lara used to hear stories from her father and he tells her each day stories which educate her with information on financial matters
Lara used to listen to the stories told by her father, Victor and today, he tells her the story about automated teller machine
Story telling is a good technique. In many families, the elders representing fathers, mothers, grand mothers or grandfathers used to tell stories to children and children by virtue of their inquisitiveness learn to understand the stories instantaneously. Mr. Victor living in Orange vi...
I wish to share an incident for the information of the readers as to how far the old aged and others can be helped in kind rather than cash
Broadminded people used to donate cash or articles to deprived people who are living in old age homes and orphanages so that the articles are utilised better by someone
People are running to build as much infrastructure as possible inside their houses. However, once items like fans, refrigerators, washing machines, airconditioners etc., are purchased, they pay least attention to them and sometimes the old items are becoming death traps.
When it comes to financial institutions in India, they are classified into organised sector and unorganised sector taking into consideration, the functions undertaken by them towards contributing to societies
The financial system in one country differs from the financial systems in other countries. When it comes to India, the system consists of financial assets, financial intermediaries and financial markets
The purpose of any interview is to select one suitable person for the concerned post. The person to be interviewed may be having better qualifications; however, he may not be having the requisite potentials or caliber in handling the job offered namely; better communication ability, l...
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