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I'm a single mum from South Australia who enjoys writing on just about any topic.
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Even small businesses should use the internet to build an online presence. Just a few of the reasons people should advertise online
When it comes to marketing your business or community organisation one way is to use text messages. Nowadays just about everyone has a mobile phone and they all read their text messages. Why not use this to your benefit
It can be hard to find time to exercise. However with a little thought you'd be surprised with what you can come up with
Metal detecting can attract a large number of health and fitness people, particularly those people already in their golden years. It's a good type of workout because the activity requires lots of walking along with bending or crouching, and searching and lifting
The trick is determining what technique is best suited to your needs and what your goal is.
When it comes to earning from your own writing there's several different ways you can go about it. However it's up to each individual author to decide what works best for them.
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