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I have 4 years’ of experience in content writing field. I have written so many articles related to parenting, motherhood and baby names etc for different article websites.
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If you are planning for a baby naming ceremony, then it is a good idea to plan for the event much in advance. This will help you to manage the event efficiently without getting stressed.
Rava idli is a very popular breakfast recipe that is simple to prepare at home. Know the recipe for soft and spongy idlis that is not only tasty but also nutritious.It is an instant breakfast dish where there is no grinding, fermenting that is usually needed to prepare a rice idli. ...
Keeping yourself healthy and fit during your entire pregnancy is very important and for this you should be well aware of the changes in both your body and baby. Here you know about the changes in your body and few unpleasant 20 weeks pregnant symptoms that you might face
Panchatantra stories are one of the most ancient fables for children that help to teach moral lessons to them through stories portrayed by animal and human characters.
Holi is a festival that celebrates togetherness, love and joy. But at the same time it is also time to devour on some of the traditional delicacies prepared at home.Here are some traditional Holi recipes that you can make at home and enjoy with your relatives and friends.
Jataka tales are a collection of interesting stories that are based on the life of Buddha and each story contains a moral lesson that helps to add value to life.The Jataka tales for kids contain deep truths and are believed to impress lessons of great moral beauty.
Choosing baby boy names can be a daunting task for parents as they have to take care of the meaning, pronunciation and also the uniqueness of the word. There are websites that offers a huge database of names thereby making the selection process easier.
Baby sitting may be a difficult task to manage if you are unplanned for the day, but if you put some little efforts then you can easily make the day interesting for both the kids and yourself.
Imagine this – your spouse and children come home tired from the office and school/college respectively and they get something hot and crispy to eat as a snack! Well, this will definitely make them fall in love with you all the more. So, when it comes to pleasing the taste buds of y...
If you are expecting a baby in the coming months, one of the crucial decisions to make is naming the baby. While some parents prefer to go the traditional way, others like to look for the most modern names of the year for their little one.
Selecting a beautiful name for your unborn princess can be a big responsibility as it is the name by which your baby will be known for her life. There are varied means to choose the best baby girl name that combines your dreams and suits the personality of your baby.
Parents always look for unique monikers for their newborns and well, what could be more holy or auspicious than naming your baby after the makhan chor! Whether is Janmashtami that your baby was born on or the fact that you are ardent devotees of Kanha; baby names of lord Krishna are e...
If you are new parents, you must be adjusting to the crazy routines and new schedules revolving around your little one. However, in spite of all the chaos, you still need to find some time and select a striking and beautiful name for your baby boy that will become his identity for the...
Diapering a baby forms an essential part of taking care of an infant. It is not rocket science but it also has its own aspects. There are mainly two types with cloth and disposable options.
Children can be difficult to deal with and even more so to manage as you struggle to inculcate some semblance of discipline in them. However, using harsh and sometimes excessive disciplining methods can go horribly wrong, forcing your child into a shell.
Getting married is certainly one of the most memorable moments in any individual’s life. If you are getting married soon and are in search of some great tips that can help you look absolutely gorgeous. With the help of such tips, you can certainly look like a modern bride that is so...
Name describe the identity of any person.Your baby is special, and a special baby needs a special name .
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