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ankii sharma
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my focus area would be technology and new inventions.
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A incident about a kid who taught his father how to fuck..
Page deals with registration in AIESEC in Jaipur for the year 2013
The page deals with the 20 amazing facts of the human body.
The page deals with the top 5 android phones with latest technology you can buy.
The weird and strange laws existing in different countries around the world.
The page deals with some of the interesting facts of our life.
Page deals with the top 10 haunted places of the world.
The page is about the 5 greatest inventions that the year 2012 has given us.
Page deals with the five general myths about facebook.
The page deals with the accident that took place before my eyes and how i and my two friends dealt it with.
Page deals about the invention of Johathan Ritchey watermill, which is water generator.
Article deals about the possibility of existence of aliens on earth.
article is about the online opportunities of studying by professors of prestigious institutions like MIT, BERKELEY, HARVARD and you can even get the degree by passing the course.
calculators are affecting human minds by making people forget simple basic arithmetics.
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