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Syed Adeel Ahmed
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I love reading and writing on all subjects especially paranormal
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The Deadly Raven, as the name suggests, is believed to be the spirit of a ferocious murderer who was making the lives of the people miserable.
The palace located in the Sukkur city of Pakistan at the port road is considered to be one of the most haunted places of the city. It is around 250 years old and hiding some mysterious incidents and happenings.
With its beautiful infrastructure, this prison once housed many cruel criminals. Its 142 years history is full of murders,suicides, tortures and unexplained deaths when it was operating. The place is definitely haunted
When it comes to the stories about the poltergeists or poltergeist activities, how one can forget to talk about the real story of the Lambert Poltergeist.
The site located at the Rhode Island, the gravestone belonging to Nellie Vaughn has some strange script written to it which is “I am Waiting and Watching For You,”. This gravestone gives enough attention to the adventure lovers as well as paranormal lovers that they started assumi...
A girl named Lisa Lam suddenly disappeared mysteriously and her parents started searching with the help of police. Were they able to find any clue?
The Concept of a back-footed lady is very common in Indo-Pak. It is believed that there exist some supernatural entities who disguise themselves as women but they have their feet turned backwards
This bungalow is haunted for so many years and nobody lives there. The reason is the existence of paranormal anomalies because there lies a tragic moment.In 1992, the newly wed couple, along with their father and a brother of the groom were terribly murdered for the ransom, exactly at...
Discussing about the Supernatural Entities in Ancient Egyptian Civilization and examining the facts that some of them are still present
The most correct version of the story of Resurrection Mary shadows upon a young woman who was killed during hitchhiking down the Archer Avenue during the era of early 1930’s. Apparently, she had spent the evening of dance with a young man at the O Henry dance hall.
The Chowkandi graveyard is among the very few places that keeps its presence even after 700 years ago and it is Pakistan's heritage. It is located 35 kilometers from Karachi at National Highway.
The Christian Cemetery located in one of the biggest cities of Pakistan, which is Lahore, has many graves inside it,of those people, who have tremendously contributed to the country's growth and development. This site is located nearer to the Lahore Gymkhana, This site is claimed to b...
​The belief in the King Tut's Curse created a chaos when several members of the archaeologist Howard Carter's team died suddenly during the investigation of the tomb. The tomb was opened in the year 1922 by Carter's team and some of the members suffered from the terrible and unexpec...
Karachi city of Pakistan is very famous for so many paranormal events and among them, the Karsaz Road Mystery leads on top and it hasn't reached the conclusion.
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