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43 years have I been around, often listening without a sound, contemplating the beauty and cruelty, this vast earth of ours. I am a small, yet significant part, as we can all creatively impart.
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My daugher received a lovely letter from Cheryl Cole, which she found very encouraging and it gave her a little boost following a challenging time for her. It is genuine and much appreciated.
Short prose inspired by the many affects and orchestrated gossip and slander.
Audi stuck on beach as tide is coming in. The owner hadn't anticipated the timings of the tide.
I am a Wikinut. A statement of integrity written with a smile, once more with all that's edible, I have besmirched my kind. space space space space space space space space space space space space space thirty more to replace
As I voice the reality in poetry fashion, i have had my say, no anger abides, only passion.
Cat Litter Tray. Just some ponderings as I reflect on where things are for me as we stand.
A Midsummer Nights Dream is the inspiration for a piece of poetry reflecting on the theme of various forms of love and unseen visions.
Love is all around, we seek it, wait for it, expect it, live with it, it is variable, it is given, it is taken, it is written about, painted about, sung about. A Heart Hope for someone who reflects and waits.
Re-inspired is a reflection of a ladies desire to create artwork and once a suggestion to change media from watercolour to pastels, this creative expression was written. She loved it and it encapsulates everything she said and felt.
We can all say at one point that we have felt elements of this - the important decision/choice is to maintain hope so that we come through these downtimes. The depths to which we sink sometimes can be kept balanced in order to achieve maturity.
Could we all relate to this, I wonder. .............................................
Never Give up - sometimes all we need is some encouraging words to enable us to continue through this yielding and mixed life.
I have a friend - this expresses how she feels, and the dreams being important in her continuing move towards wholeness and maturity. But also that it captures what she wanted to say, but couldn't - particularly at that time.
The Cold Wind. This is a reflective piece which is hopefully self explanatory. Easy to follow and read. We are inspired and gleam something from everything, whether a response or a reaction or nonsulence.
The Artist's Face is a true account in prose format of a lady who was bound by focused health issues. This poetry encouraged her to look afresh at her ailments with a renewed inspiration for a hopeful future.
Original and inspired works created and shared by Sarah L Hunt. Reflective expressions, with depth and integrity. Varied themes as they are authored.
Thought for today. Certainly this has been the only real choice I had and one I would make again.
short opinion / life opinion - peace through adversity, experiences of adversity and inspired choices
Does Age Matter? It certainly is significant through life, which is governed by time. Time moves forward, .......................
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