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I have recovered from several illnesses and I will be writing about the effects of these and parenting with mental illness. There will be many other topics that interest me too.
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Following on from previous articles. I want to my abuse topics. This one is on domestic violence. It is wriiten from my personal experience as a survivor, and not from a professional opinion which can be biased sometimes. This page is written as a campaign on wikinut. I'd like police ...
Parenting is hard, especially when your a first time parent learning new skills. Babies don't come with free instructions. So here is a little advice from a mum who had no skills and had to learn as she went along.
Many people believe that asking for help with things they cannot do is shameful and co-dependent. I am writing this article to say why it is ok to ask for help.
My life is starting to take some shape. My life was full of chaos, trauma and a really unhealthy lifestyle for years. I felt literally out of control of everything. I had to (and still have to) work hard to get where I want. I had to learn not to listen to others all the time, and lea...
Although I experience visions and premonitions, I honestly thought that Ghosts were a made up fairy tale, until it happened to me.
Mental health champions help to battle stigma associated with mental illness. I myself have a past history of mental illness with Borderline Personality disorder which has many myths surrounding it. I experienced stigma, which pushed me to do something. Stigma occurs in many forms. Th...
My mum always told me that 'parenting does not stop when your children reach 20,' and boy! wasn't she right!
I never believed in Visions. I thought they were things that happened in books and movies. My mum had told me about a relative who predicted what one of my sisters was going to look like at birth, I thought she was joking, until it happened to me
Why I drink Coffee, and what I'm like without it. This is for Coffee Addicts everywhere who get grumpy without coffee. It is short but it is written to prove we are normal!
I lost many friends through my illness, but recently I was put back in touch with someone who I met on holiday, but lost touch with. I now understand the importance of staying in touch with friends and valuing friendships.
This is a page about the benefits of the outdoors on mental health. Stress factors in mental health and depression can rise when we are stuck in doors all the time. I used to be one of those who used to avoid going out when I became ill. This is how I discovered the beauty of getting ...
A page about never getting things done and leaving them to the last minute, if we do them at all that is!
Extreme Sensitivity to the sun. I suffer from this, and there is not a suncream I have found can help, so I have written this page to raise awareness, and advice others on what I know works. This advice is not medical advice. It is my own way of treating this problem, which I have tes...
Fashion created by celebrities is put on the market at extortionate prices. This is an article about why I do not buy celebrity fashion or perfumes in shops.
A story about love which blooms through support through traumatic events. Though the characters and events are fictional, the story is based on a true story surrounding my own life. My husband supported me through a lot of trauma. He had love, patience, kindness, even though in my rea...
A page dedicated to walking and why I think it is good exercise and brilliant for mental health.
After a very long battle with illness and severe family trauma. I found it hard to get any job, particularly as I am 38 and not very qualified in many important areas. I am doing courses, but I am on the search as a free-lance writer and I've started with working from home
I knew I liked men and women from an early age. My attraction to both was very strong from around 11 years old and it has stayed ever since. I only realized that I could identify as bisexual when I got in to my early 20's and my attraction turned into sexual and stronger feelings for ...
This is about the wonderful holiday me and my husband just had in Great Yarmouth. We were regulars there many years ago with the children, and we stayed on Seashore Holiday Park with the children. We have just been back but with out the children this time (I will not say why in this ...
This is a page to help people who either have eating disorders or go through diet fads. Eating disorders and diet fads nearly ruined my body and my looks. I will be discussing many issues in this article, including body image.
I don't have a strict routine on make-up and hair colours. of course I look after my skin. However playing with hair and make-up and not following too many rules has given me self-esteem and taught me to look how I want to look, not as society wants me to look. Too much advertising, m...
This is a page for all those out there who have a love for writing, but like myself often suffer from writers block. That is when your mind goes blank and you want to write but can't think of what to write.
This page is about the funniest things I've heard and what my children did, when they were very young. It is designed to help parent's, especially those in difficulty see the funny side of bringing up children.
Recovering from any sort of addiction is hard work. I've written this page as a recovered gambling addict to help others.
Today I'm going to write about the one thing many people including myself find hard to do on a regular basis! I have hands on experience of being a 'people pleaser' always saying yes and never no, even to my other half! So this page is about saying no to people and living your life
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