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NancyG in TN
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Homemaker, wife, mother, grandmother who loves to write
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To blog or not to blog, that is the question. And what should we blog about?
I dream about my mama, although she is now gone, she is still close to me it seems. As Mother's Day nears, I think of her more. Here is a song for my mama.
I awoke to the sound of the radio today, the minister who was on was talking about God's grace. So I wrote this song.
Got' Manning Mania'? Yep, we are on it! Peyton Manning, former football player for the Indianapolis Colts, recently released by them, now a 'free agent'. Tennessee Titans' owner Bud Adams wants him. So do the Titans fans!
March Madness is big in the USA, basketball tournaments going on everywhere. This is a song for March Madness: Let's go to the (basketball) dance
Daylight Savings Time begins in the United States on March 11, 2012
Why write? These are some of my reasons for writing.
Inspired by a comment made by my husband today: 'your rose has lost it's flower'. We had given his sister a dozen roses while she was in the hospital having a pacemaker put in, and she loved them. She gave me one to take home and I nurtured it to make it last longer. But, alas, all o...
In answer to Mark Gordon Brown, who issued a challenge to, us to either write poem or throw under the bus, only 2 were remaining, about the Aral sea abstaining, I chose this one, Let me know how you liked it done?
Are you tired of winter? So I am and here is my poem and some photos about the subject.
Valetine's Day is a big celebration in the United States, with hearts and flowers and candy and special treats. Here is my own original poem for this Holiday.
We love listening to brand new music (to us) and recently took the opportunity to listen to Nashvillian Peter Cooper's music on his webpage to write a review. Good work by a good singer!
Nashville and country music well represented Music City USA tonight at the Grammy Awards in L.A.
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