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barbara bethard
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I am a wife to my best friend, my David and we have two adults in training we love dearly.
I have always loved to write and share what bit of knowledge I collect with others. I plan to write on things I love and know such as healthcare, philosophy, poetry,nursing,disease processes and prevention of diseases."> alt="Creative Commons License" style="border-width:0" src="" />
This work is licensed under a">Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported License.
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My father was one of the best men I knew. He taught me how to look objectively at a subject, he taught me the importance of never giving up, he taught me to stay faithful. His funeral, like many, was not what I felt about him and I wrote this poem when I could finally cope with the lo...
a succinct instruction on what to do if one finds something at work that should be reported
What makes anyone think vinegar would make a tasty ingredient in a pie? But It does! Here is chess pie, an old recipe and a delicious pie.
This is a defintion of what constitutes a bullish compared to a bearish market
This is a poem about the yearly monsoons in the desert. It can get so dry that any drop of moisture is welcome
This is an overview of the healthcare reform that bagan in 2009 and cotinues today with the Obama reform acts for Healthcare
poem about love between brother and sister when they are still youg
Technology and the use of the internet have put an enormous amount of information literally at our fingertips. A person can find information on virtually anything from a multitude of sources just by entering a few words into their web browser. How does one know if the information th...
The world today does not belong to only the Americans or the Canadians or the Mexicans or the British and on and on. The world today is not the world, nor should it be. It is and should remain always our World. All people are responsible for one another.
In the United States the risk of a cholera outbreak is remote; however, with the influx of person's coming from another country or Americans traveling globally; there has been an increase from an average of six cases per year to twenty-three just since November of 2010! What is the re...
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