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Janelle Coulton
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Writing & drawing are my first loves. I draw animals, mostly horses. I am working on many projects. I have an Ebay, Etsy and Facebook account where I plan to sell my work.
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Person of Interest is the most original and unique series to hit TV in many years. The premise is something that has never been done. The writing is excellent and the acting by Michael Emerson, Jim Cavaziel, and the rest of this wonderful cast is some of the best acting I have ever se...
Recently Amy Acker, who plays Root in Person Of Interest won the 2015 CHARACTER CUP WINNER: For her portrayal of SAMANTHA "ROOT" GROVES. This article from Spoiler TV only further proves that Person of Interest should not finish at the end of Season
Your date suddenly stops replying to your messages and returning your calls. You wonder what you might have done wrong. Perhaps you did not do anything wrong and the lady just isn't interested. The following tips below will help you have success in the dating game. While there are no ...
I know that we all believe that marijuana is harmless or at least some of us do; but is it as harmless as people think it is?
When we break up with our lover we are going to feel sad and depressed. It is a natural part of grieving.
Grey's Anatomy is my favourite TV show and I miss it so much.
It is pretty easy for us to dismiss Old Wives tales as being myths, however there is is a grain of truth to many of them. So which ones are true and which are false? It is also worth remembering that they may have survived for many generations because there is more than a little bit o...
A story through the eyes of three women who have struggled through their lives and almost lost their lives.
Consider why you are feeling so defensive, because defensive people are no fun to be around and that’s the truth. So why are you so defensive anyway?
Addiction to pain pills is chronic in society these days; however in some cases the pain pill user might be dependent or addicted or both. How do you tell the difference?
Sex drives differs in many couples. This is a given in life. Many partners in marriages and relationships do not realise that when it comes to a lack of sex in their relationships that they are not alone. It’s just that many spouses don’t know how to fix it.
Sometimes people get confused about the difference between emotional and verbal abuse. Sometimes emotional and verbal abuse are referred to as if they are the same thing. They definitely are not, but the two criteria set down for both forms of abuse do overlap.
If you are suffering from bipolar disorder, there may be times when boundless you have energy and times when and times when you wish you’d never gotten out of bed.
If you were around in the early 1970’s, it is likely you remember the rock band, Kiss. This was a time when rock and roll was really taking off in different directions.
Men find it especially hard to say their sorry. It’s never easy for a man to admit he screwed up, blame it pride or whatever; it’s a difficult task. Some may think men are just stubborn or perhaps stupid but the truth is that it is so very difficult for a man to admit he is wrong ...
There are two very distinct theories on how someone ends up a sociopath or diagnosed as one. Many experts in psychology and mental health believe that there is a genetic component that decides whether you are sociopathic, (which means you have no choice) or it is a learned behavio...
It is possible to maintain a healthy relationship without sex. The amount of sex that a couple desires and is comfortable with varies. Some spouses like to have sex every day, others weekly, some my like it once a month. So what is the norm? There is no normal, it all comes down to wh...
Well we know from evidence presented in Conrad Murray’s trial that Michael Jackson was murdered. He was killed by a lethal dose of propofol and other drugs that were present in his system. Even if Murray had been acquitted of all charges, Michael Jackson died at the hands of a third...
George Harrison was known as the ‘quiet’ member of the Beatles. Among his Beatles songs were Something, Here Comes The Sun, and While My Guitar Gently Weeps
The statistics on how many relationships fail when couples cohabitate before marriage are, surprisingly high. You would think that living with your future spouse would be a stepping stone to marriage, however usually it is not. You may find there are plenty of positives to living toge...
Life can be miserable for sufferers of bipolar disorder. The moods swings experienced are way beyond anything that resembles normal. These moods can fluctuate to extreme highs or feeling of euphoria or extreme lows where you just want to die. The depression can feel like life has ...
Women have wondered about the reasons why men cheat for centuries and there are many reasons why. Men cheat for many reasons; however the three top reasons are below.
Have you ever met a psychopath? Worse still, have you ever been a psychopath's victim? Chances are; you would not know it if you did. But the reality is scarier; you probably have met a psychopath and you probably were his or her victim and never knew it. Ignorance really is bliss som...
Most of us have been on the receiving end of a lie and most of us have been betrayed more than once. It’s a sad fact of life when you have to investigate everyone with a microscope before you trust them. Or is that simply cynicism on my part?
Many fans who have read Beatles biographies and individual memoirs about Paul McCartney and John Lennon are of the opinion that during the time the White Album was recorded; the events that occurred were the beginning of the end for the Beatles.
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