neeta desai

neeta desai
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I am residing at ahmedabad. I
love reading, watching movies
and travelling.I like interacting with people and love talking.
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I must say, I find television very educational. The minute somebody turns it on, I go to the library and read a good book." Groucho Marx. .
When my son first introduced me to the exciting world of wikinut, I was,at first hesitant. What would I write? What can I write? But he persuaded me to at least try. So began my efforts to write . the first snag came as I wrote my profile. What I really love doing? Travelling ?...
from my kitchen to yours.... easy to make....tasty to eat....
These are some of wisdom pearls that I have come across... leaving deep impact on me.
what are friends ? are they your belliefs? your prayers? your god or more than that?
shirin farhad ki to nikal padi... is light romantic is simple enough story of two middle aged individuals waiting for right partners. boman irani as farhad comes across as gentle shy person dominated superbly by his mother(daisy irani). whereas farah khan as shirin sparkl...
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