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A refugee from xanga other wise known as PPhilip. I have a degree in Botany and I am interested in politics and religions.
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Working a cordless device is not that easy. Battery powered devices can be "underpowered" and there is some advantage to that.
I review an episode of Animal Planet show, escape from Chimp Island. The caretaker decided that the chimp Tony needed an eye operation.
A bad mental attitude could lead to mental abuse. This wife was lucky she was able to solve her problem.
How can someone build a better mousetrap? Use the existing mousetrap and improve it.
Los Angeles makes its natives too car centric. Cars is the major influence for anyone who lives there. At first the smog made by cars used to be a strong health concern, however a person can live philosophically with cars.
Why look for work? Is it better to be unemployed. Why good transportation is essential for work
Why Sony got into the video game business, options on the PSP and how I use my PSP 2000 system
Chinese chose work to avoid the competition. One area of no competition was fishing. The other area of no competition was Chinese laundering.
The History of Alfalfa, its future and how to eat sprouts.
Birds can drive you crazy by making noises in early morning. They can be fussy eaters and they do tend to attack people at times.
Deadbeat dads are at the bottom rung of society. However there are some deadbeat dads that are ok and some that are really jerks.
The shower wheelchair is a wonderful device. The push only wheelchair is a variation of the original wheelchair. The bed lift makes life easier to get in and out of a wheelchair.
Why chose eating multigrain? Is brown rice healthier? Count Rumfort and his role in discovering multigrain eating. The value of roughage.
I know about dogs and their owners. you can attract women with dogs and you can earn money selling them.
Arriving by air port, bus station or train. There can be buses to take and sidewalks and roads to ride.
Why the name Byzantine district. What Central Americans live there. Side note about Guatemalans
Why are certain details noted in the Bible? Is it a puzzle or is there an easy explaination? It is easy to dismiss all sorts of interpretations.
Where to purchase sex? The ins and outs about buying sex. What phrases will you hear?
My hobby is riding scooters. I found a human powered example in Travel Town, Los Angeles that is restored and ready to row. There are other examples of human powered scooters but the most popular one is the plain kick scooter.
Why kangaroo meat is ecologically better. Kangaroo leather is better for shoes. Plus kangaroos do not produce as much methane gas as cows.
How Taiwan pays countries to endorse their country
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