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I'm a college student from Oregon. I've always had a knack for writing and I currently focus on analytical, argumentative, and general essay-based writing. I'm experimenting with fiction, dialogue, and screenplay writing as well. I am active as a military simulation and reenactment airsoft player with the Airsoft Pacific community here in the Northwestern US. While I may come across as a gun nut on occasion, my political stance is moderate, my opinions varying from issue to issue, rather than picking one side and sticking with it. As a whole, I avoid politics, but like to talk about social issues at length.
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Recent pages by Junto

A radical revision of the American prison system and rehabilitation while addressing various ethical questions. Just because you may not like it, doesn't mean it won't work better than the existing system.
All of the surviving poems from my first official attempt at poetry last winter. Some are serious, some are playful, one is a negative and critical evaluation of poetry itself. I probably won't write more as I don't feel I have a knack for it and poetry often seems cheap and sappy to ...
Exploring the topic of book banning from 11th and 12th grade English classes in public high schools as well as examining the broader ideas behind the banning of literature.
An essay about the difference between globalization and global modernization, with a look at specific instances of both and their ramifications.
A hands on review of the Real Sword Type 97 AEG. Contains a full review of the gearbox, external parts, performance, and so on.
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