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Parth Saxena
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I believe that one can express himself better by writing and I am doing the same.
Well! I am a Guitarist and Vocalist, So some of my music can reflect in my articles. I hope you'll love that...
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This article will help you all to keep your relationship living...
A description about the Tallest tree and the Oldest tree.
This article is about what happens in just a second. Also about what a leap second is.
This poem is about how a man can learn from nature and apply into his life.
Number 13 is considered as unlucky. So the theme of this article is also the same.
This poem is written by me when I was thinking about the feeling of a teenager that what he thinks about himself about being child or an adult, he remains in the confusion but feels awkward to ask from others.
This article includes 10 Amazing and Cool Facts...
This article is about The Ice Age. Further reading will describe better.
This article is about top 5 applications that you must have in your cellphone to be connected to your near and dear ones. Links, Specifications, Features and Supported OS are also mentioned.
This article is about the existence of ghosts, a look into life after death and various views of science on this fact.
I have written this article to focus on the value of laws for a modern man and how much they care about the breaking of laws. Considering Indian laws at many points.
I have created this article to share my knowledge on HOW TO GET SUCCESS IN RELATIONSHIPS. This article will help you in finding various tips and tricks that can help you to recover your weak relationships. In this fast moving generation love is lacking behind and sometimes unknow...
This article is about today's modern and fast moving generation for whom all close relations are meaningless in comparison to the relations with outsiders. The article is written in common and simple language which will not let you face any high order thinking problem. The main motive...
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