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I am a Christian substitute teacher, tutor and freelancer. My passions are writing, poetry, travel, books, music, movies, education, games, etc. This world desperately needs positivity and morality.
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This is a tribute article concerning my top ten favorite secular or not necessarily Christian songs from the year 2011. Because of all the profanity and explicit suggestions in the popular music of today, I am always looking for songs that are clean, fresh and positive.
This article focuses on my top five action movies for children in the tween age bracket.
This movie review will combine commentary about two films as opposed to just one: the original production, as well as its remake. I like to pretend I’m watching a boxing match and both films are vying for the heavyweight championship of my favorite choice.
This review focuses on a light-hearted, inventive and memorable family film from 2010 that seems like something Disney would have produced.
This commentary focuses on a new science fiction classic movie that was released in theaters during the year 1997.
This article is a commentary about the popular bible story of the woman at the well who met Jesus Chris, thus changing her life forever. As old as this story is, it contains some relevant lessons that can be applied to the twenty-first century and beyond.
This article is a review of the popular Apple iPhone, covering both the strengths and weaknesses of this product.
This review focuses on an award-winning television movie produced by Hallmark.
This is a list of my favorite Christmas movies to watch with the family, particularly my cousin, who is in the tween age bracket.
This movie review will combine commentary about three films: the original production, as well as two remakes. I like to pretend I’m watching a race and each film is trying to make it to the finish line for the championship of my favorite choice.
This is an article describing some films that are entertaining for both males and females in a relationship with one another. More appropriately, these movies provide an alternative to the average “chick flick” that so many males feel compelled to view with their partners.
Gardening and farming techniques are always constantly improving and going hi-tech. As a matter of fact, thanks to advancements in technology, people around the world are starting to yield fresh, healthy organic produce.
This article focuses on the family element of related celebrities that are in show business together.
This commentary focuses on the futuristic thriller movie from 2002 starring Tom Cruise, Colin Farrell and Samantha Morton. It has an imaginative plot and was directed by Steven Spielberg.
This poem describes the element or concept of forgiveness, as a virtue personified and worthy of reflection in any given situation.
This article gives some suggestions for movie choices with the particular theme of time travel for tweens.
This is a poem utilizing symbolism about water as spirit and its relationship with the church.
This is a movie review about the science fiction thriller based on a novel by Pittacus Lore. It has the potential for a sequel and contains memorable characters as well as an interesting plot.
This poem is a fantasy of symbolism about a girl who was followed by the sun everywhere she went, but it turns out that it was really the Son of God giving her favor.
This review of both the original movie and remake is sort of like a boxing match. One of the “Clash of the Titans” movies will come out on top or else a tie will be declared. Before that, I will present both the strengths and weaknesses of each film. In addition, I will also pr...
This is a commentary about a 2011 television movie that was produced for family viewing and sponsored by Wal-Mart, in the tradition of Hallmark films.
This is a commentary about Group 1 Crew’s third CD release, Outta Space Love. It is an exceptionally creative, faith-based album with fusions of Christian hip-hop, rock and dance rhythms.
This is a commentary about the sophomore release of the Christian band called Group 1 Crew. They fuse hip hop with funk and electronic beats, all set to positive lyrics of faith in Christ.
This is a commentary about Group 1 Crew's self-titled album. They are Christian Hip Hop or Rhythm and Praise artists. This band, comprised of three members, has a similar style to the secular group Black-Eyed Peas.
This commentary focuses on the second release of a Christian recording artist named Charmaine. She has fusions of pop, rock and world music influences in this album that make for a wonderful variety.
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