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I am systems administrator and do a bit of poetry writing in my spare time. I live in Jamaica and enjoy a good horror movie.
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Many people has turn to become vegetarian only a couple months to a year later has come back over to the good ole meat chewing. Vegetarians may be weaker than meat eaters. Do you think so?
Sometimes it is the unexpected that propels us. We find fortune in some of the most unusual places.
My God darn stupid talking clock that just wont shut it's trap..Grrrrrrrrrr
Many people are closer to mom than dad, moms go through a lot with us but dads are important too. So lets look at who you love the most.
Do you like to bust a nut, or do you help someone in busting a nut, well whatever your part is, the nut will be busted.
How to make Jamaican salt fish delicious fritters. A nice Jamaican breakfast item
My beautiful corn beef and fry dumpling breakfast recipe. Remember to have the most important meal of the day.
We go to bed at nights and rise in faith, we have no control of our soul when we sleep, life is given back to us each and every day. The good , bad and evil. The Lord has no partiality.
What has our leaders done for us lately? How many of them has done any good to their nation since of late. They seem to encourage war and reject peace. are they civilized or are they killing civilization?
Very nice story of the three bears that live in a forest, if you love these old kids tales well, look at this. muh ha ha ha ha ha.
While cleaning out my grandfathers attic i saw a figure looking like a black piece of greasy cloth hanging on a nail that was protruding from a termite infested board. I went up closer to look at the the figure and shone the flash light on it only to see it flew pass my head with a sc...
will the real Jews of this earth please stand up and take your rightful place as kings and queens of Israel. Too long have non-Israelite corrupt the land of Abraham, and Jacob.
Just a compilation of some subjects we were debating about at last night backyard barbecue.
woke up and decided that my room was too dull and decided to brighten things up a bit, so i will be heading out shortly to get some bright colors to redo my room.
We sometimes look and depend on New Science to heal us of illness and disease which sometimes has been created by they themselves. We seldom forget that the earth was created for us and all cures for all ailments reside on earth itself in natural wasted forms, the cure for cancer mayb...
When the wickedness of life attacks and renders you weak and helpless, remember that you are never fighting alone, there is a force that loves and protects you and once you acknowledge and accept him, he will back you forever.
Having knowledge is a good thing, but being wise is greatness. Wise often is associated with older people who have lived, gather knowledge and then uses the knowledge gathered to accomplish any task. This is the wisdom of the old.
Every one of us has a little cannibalism inside, what and how it is triggered i dont know but don't be surprised if one day your neighbor starts chewing on your toe!
just a humorous poetry about some unusual folks and their off spring and how not welcome they are in town
I have no doubt that better days are yet to come Much better days when all will come together and be one I have no doubt that the grass will be green once more As long as God lives I know this for sure
The feeling inside now is so hard to describe Thinking only of catching those beautiful colors; already filled with pride I will catch my rainbow, even if I wonder for years For if not, the world would not be enough to hold all my tears
Pit-bulls have caused a lot of unnecessary harms, some have had to be put down for attacking and killing people. Well this is just a short wiki on my views on these devilish dogs.
There are many people who have been working for some one, some large organization or the government and has no owned anything for themselves. They live from hand to mouth after slaving everyday to make someone else rich.
Just a poem about ants in my, happiness brings for long life.
When death comes, it comes for the poor children of the middle east. Yes, death is partial, it resides and lives in Palestine. It has taken up the Palestinian nationality. It is fed, sheltered and homed there. God Help them
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