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Love to write and am interested in a variety of subjects. l Love my family and friends and my dog Peewee.
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Life comes with many stressor's. How we handle those stresses will effect the quality of our lives. We deal with life and all it's ups and downs either negatively or positively. Our choice will determine the outcome of our situations.
What will Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu do now that Iran is almost cleared the path to develop nuclear weapons? Has the American President, Barrack Obama,Iran sealed Israels fate with the concessions made to pursue a deal to allow Iran to continue with a nuclear program?
Popular 50's style diner serves up good old fashioned food and fun for the whole family.
You thought he was the guy for you , but now your not so sure. Find out the signs that will let you know that is time to drop him and find someone else.
You can greatly improve your financial life by becoming debt free Just a real basic bit of financial understanding can help you do this . If you follow simple steps towards your goal you will achieve your goal.
This ancient remedy is as effective today as many pharmecuticals and dosen't have the problem of harsh side effects.
Long before modern medicine people found ways to treat illness. Many of tyhose remedies worked then and still are very effective today.
When traveling sometimes we have a chance to reflect on what we experience. The sights, sounds and scents can open up our senses to the awesome world we live in and the spiritual connection that can awaken as we ponder the wonders of nature.
One of the most Talented Guitarists of our time came from humble roots and has become a legendary talent that is respected and admired throughout the world.
What I once considered a troublesome weed has turned out to be a powerhouse of health for the body.
I am pleased to share this review of the Nextbook Tablet put out by Android.
Sad and poignant short story of one who has not understood the blessing of God. This heart-rending work will leave you thinking and wondering about the blessings you have missed out on because you didn't understand what God had for you..
The screams of the afflicted and wounded were deafening as we moved deeper into the dark shadows to find the enemy who was so Wiley and clever. The presence of unspeakable evil was so strong.
The mystery of the "Black Dahlia murder still haunts Los Angeles as one of the most gruesome crimes in the history of the west coast city.the brutalized body of the attractive young aspiring model /actress was found by a mother and her young child walking down the street one morning.
High cholesterol can kill you. LDL cholesterol is deadly when it clogs your arteries leading to blockages that can cause a heart attack. What you eat can make a huge difference when it comes to winning the battle agaist high cholesterol.
As he looked down at the woman. He saw her struggle and her pain. Every day she chose the hard road with stubborn indignation. Sometimes the alcohol and the drugs made her forget the pain for a while.The endless stream of men who bought her body for a few moments were a blur in her m...
Some eye infections are very contagious, Pink eye is one of the most contagious of all., those who come in contact with someone who has this infection are at a vey high risk of becoming infected.
Temecula is a place where natural beauty, historic traditions, and modern conveniences combine to make a delightful community.
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