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I write on a wide range of stuff spanning from poetry, short stories, articles, exhortations and many more. An ardent reader and writer.
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Handling depression can sometimes be depressing. When you're depressed the tendency of handling your situation can be more depressing.
The energy and freshness you come with is so engulfing........... In your wings are healing and abundance.
Beware writing contains a few sensual imagery. Very adorable........ u choose and decide what to do with it. Always lingering in that little corner of our brain. Indeed it does not fail ------- pure and genuine.
When hearts become weary, there is the need to pause and reflect. Sometimes moving on in spite of all the difficulties is not too good an idea. You need to pause and then reflect.
You have the power to steer yourself towards good memories. No matter who you are you've got memories thats the reason for which you keep remembering stuff like, your weddin, your first day at school and blah blah blah....
Gone you may be... but hope I have not lost. Desperat heart longs for love again and it will surely find it.
So soothing... His hands so gentle and soft flowing with honey. My world is lit with blue skies..... Oh my love let me have more of that, it's so sweet and makes me...................... Gentle doves today is sweet yet sprinkled with sour cheese.
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