Zoe McGuire

Zoe McGuire
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Zoe has written under several names and has had work published in magazines, books , newspapers as well as on-line. She often writes about food or travel but has been known to tackle any subject that interests her.
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Recent pages by Zoe McGuire

The cost of petrol makes driving an expensive thing to do but there are ways to get more miles for your money.
There are italian communities all over the world. But what do you know about the country itself?
We use the number 10 every day without thinking about it. It's part of our currency, our medicine and our life. But here are some things you might not know about the number 10.
As a society we've become used to buying on plastic but is cash the way forward?
Most of us have something in our lives that we would like to change. Follow this simple, straight forward plan and do something about it.
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