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In olden days, great thinkers have expressed their ideas about the formation of a world government. This article deals with the thoughts of one person and ideas about having a world government, with one country and one people - the world is one country or family and the human beings a...
Think about the life we live today, also think what we are in our present, past and future
The political situation India even after 65 years of independence leaves much to be desired. There are ways and means how a healthy system of democracy can be brought, if the intellectuals and progressive thinking people share their experiences.
How an innocent person can be cheated by becoming friends with him in a social net working site
A hope still rests in mind, that the world we live in will groom to be a better place, if we keep the universal brotherhood all the times.
Mermaid of imagination and pictures seen in dream. a romantic thought about life with a mermaid.
It is a fantasy, written by the inspiration, from one of the great poets i have met recently and liked me to write more and encouraged me all the times
When the mind goes blank, some bizarre things happen. But if we take patience and remain for a while, something may appear to the satisfaction of the mind.
the angle of my thoughts appears unexpectedly and reminds all the past desires of me and what i wanted all my life. now only the real angel appears to give me the long desired happiness in my life
An imaginary poem inspired by a dream as flash and haunted me till i wrote these lines..
West Bengal is another state of India, different from the state of Kerala which i lived all along. the articles deals with the experiences and diifferences in life between the two states under the union of India
When in Lakshadweep, i had traveled to the island of Minicoy, and found that everything about the island is unique and no comparison with the people living in other islands and also in Indan union.,
A boat jouney from Kavaratti to Suheli with other friends and family members, and the experiences on the midsee as well as about the island where only birds are the inhabitants.
I was working in Lakshadweep and staying with my family there for 5 years. This piece is about the life in the islands and the pleasant things we experienced there. A smooth flowing life of 5 years without any problem for all of us, my children, wife and me.,
Remembering the novel experiences of a passenger from Kochi to Lakshadweep and the experiences inside the island and making friends with the island people
it is a fiction, while remembering a close friend when the person was away from view
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