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Retired law enforcement officer residing in West-Central Florida, father of four children, cancer survivor, writer, artist, avid reader. Freelance-writing niches: cancer, autism, law enforcement.
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With Florida as the 41st state in America to enact its Texting-While-Driving law, the basis of this statute remains dubious with regard to law enforcement officers' ability to properly detect, cite, and defend in Court any contentions stemming from the hypothetical-natured legislative...
The largest municipal police department in the world, the New York City Police Department (NYPD), graduated an enormously large number of police recruits on July 02, 2013, celebrated in an arena in Brooklyn, NY, one of its five boroughs (counties) in its jurisdictional boundaries.
An expression of subjection to verbal abuse and being labelled a "dumby" by my alcoholic, verbally-abusive parent as I grew up has far-reaching implications. Throughout my life course, I have experienced and dealt with the ugly-headed monster of a label I found difficult to shake. Col...
Review of this past week's National Police Week 2013 activities held in Washington, D.C. Various events involving police-related factions, such as the Police Unity Tour group of cops who bicycle 250 miles to D.C. in commemoration of fallen law enforcement officers and raise money in t...
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