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Alexandra Heep
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I am a freelancer and I can write about any subject. I have a professional background in administration, real estate, marketing, and mortgage post-closing. Other areas of expertise include health and beauty as well as spirituality and self help issues. I am also passionate about music.
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A great recipe to use up those wrinkled apples you may have left over. It is also a healthy variation on a dessert that normally uses lots of sugar and bleached flower.
If you feel the urge to dress your cat for Halloween, do it as safe as possible. Here are some ideas on how to do so.
Why I think words should be applied exactly according to what they mean.
How I came by the Kitten's Guide to Happiness and why I recommend it
There are two basic types of equipment for recreational horse riding: Western and English. There are some others, but let's focus on Western and English gear, as those are the most popular forms.
Essentials for the first time rider: you probably did not know there was such a thing as arena etiquette. While watching horses in an arena, everything seems to move along in a smooth and organized fashion. Here are some of the reasons why and what you need to do:
The most common mistake of new cat owners is not reading up on cats and learning their behavior patterns - before they decide to get a cat - so here is a quick and easy overview of what this entails.
I have lived with as many as seven cats at a time. It was not planned, they just "happened" to come into my life. They pretty much learned to get along (even grieved for the missing ones as their life spans ended). Here are some of the things I did to help them get along:
Some thoughtful gift ideas for the horse lover in your family or friendship circle.
Not teaching children how to deal with cats (or all animals) properly and not stopping them from doing things that scare and hurt the animal is wrong. Please do not think the child is too young to teach - read these few simple tips.
Why it is important to name your cat and how to come up with a good name
Things you should have on your shopping list before your new feline friend enters your house.
If you think being married with two incomes and not being able to make ends meet, think of the financial issues singles have to deal with.
Some things you need to know when it comes to making payments to creditors
A complete Labor Day menu - pick and choose but all items are very easy to make. Not just for Labor Day either!
How trying to do the right thing back fired - oh and in the words of the immortal Bob Barker "get your pets spayed or neutered"
A quick and easy to read overview of good horses for the beginner
Common sense approaches to saving money without going to ridiculous length - suitable for everyone
Empower yourself and find financial relief, regardless of your current situation.
The powers of an innocent, gray tabby kitten over three humans.
At first it may seem that one can't save that much at a grocery store, but think about it: How many times a week do you go there? How many times have you bought something, just to end up throwing half or more of it away because it does not get used up?
Saving electricity has now come into the spotlight for various reasons. Worry about the environment as well as increases in rates in many areas have people wondering what they can do to save electricity.
How to avoid the circumstances that led to bankruptcy.
Every parent should know how to handle this subject. Here are some easy ways on how to handle a difficult subject.
A variety of ways to enjoy summer - from easy to more elaborate
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