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I am an Ayurvedic physician and surgeon.
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Most people are not aware that soap should not be used to clean the vaginal opening, the tip of the penis (urethral opening), and the anal sphincter.
Arthritis has no permanent cure-but you can certainly ease the symptoms by trying out these simple home remedies.
Bhringaraja and Milk Thistle are the two most potent herbs known for its hepato-protective (liver protective) properties.
Try these naturopathy diets for combating diabetes and general body detoxification.
Naturopathy is a science which promotes the art of curing and preventing diseases by bringing about suitable changes in food and lifestyle.
Try these naturopathy diets for combating heart diseases and to control weight.
Gout is a condition wherein there is deposition of uric acid, leading to severe inflammatory state.
Try these simple tips for living a long and healthy life.
Insulin resistance is developed when the body becomes resistant to insulin and so higher and higher levels of insulin need to be produced to have any effect.
Most of the diseases that caused, are due to toxic effects of acid accumulation in our bodies. Moreover, acidic condition of our body also leads to premature aging.
Try this Juice Therapy for one day every week for at least 3-4 months to get results - you will certainly be feeling much more energetic and rejuvenated at end of the course.
Yoga can help you control your weight more effectively. Many a times the glands associated with weight control become sluggish in our body. Yoga helps by stimulating these sluggish glands, especially the Thyroid gland.
Eyes are delicate organs that perform the vital function of sight. It is one of the sense organ whose absence can make one’s life dark. So it is very important to protect and take good care of them.
Varicose veins are enlarged veins that are swollen and raised above the surface of the skin. They can be dark purple or blue, and look twisted and bulging.
Regular consumption of anti-aging nutrients helps in preventing premature aging.
The liver is a vital organ in our body, which plays a vital role in metabolism and detoxification processes in our body. A diseased liver can cause many complications
Diabetes is now considered as a major risk factor in cardiovascular diseases. Other factors that contribute to the possibility of acquiring cardiovascular diseases in diabetic patients include hypertension, smoking and hyperlipidemia.
Antioxidants are chemicals that protect our cells by neutralizing external forces (such as damage from the sun, pollution, wind, and temperature) and internal factors like free radicals, emotions, stress, etc.
For our own body to perform to its maximum potential, toxins need to be flushed out.
The two Kidneys are part of the urinary system, the endocrine system and are two of the most important internal organs in the body.
Yogasana improve sexual health in men by improving blood supply to genitals and by strengthening pelvic muscles, which play an important role during sexual intercourse.
Ayurvedic treatment for hair loss is usually a combination of Ayurvedic herbs, diet, meditation, yoga, breathing, aromatherapy, and oil massage.
Ayurveda, which literally means “complete knowledge for long life”, is not merely a path to treat diseases, but is a science for a good and healthy lifestyle. The two main objectives of Ayurveda are prevention of diseases in healthy individuals and treatment of the diseased.
There are many Ayurvedic herbs which are renowned for their beneficial effect on heart, and have been used by Ayurveda physicians to treat heart diseases for over a century.
The best and the most efficient fat loss regime should include a healthy, fat-free, high-protein and low-carbohydrate diet combined with high intensity workouts that consist of at least two sessions of weight training in a week. This regime should be planned in consultation with a pr...
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