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PAUL ENGLAND, the eldest son of a minister, was born in the south-east of England in Essex during the Great Depression.
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Frogger is the third book in the series Knights of Bonalla
This is my view of the unexplained disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle, Bass Strait and other areas around the world. Also the unexplained explosion in Siberia June 1908, and how the events are connected. These events have fascinated and intrigued scientists and the general public ...
In June 1908 there was a massive explosion, the shock waves of which travelled several time around the earth. This article ties the facts of the explosion and several other mysterious together.
Apart from being a delicious and versatile vegetable, the beetroot has some very beneficial health properties.
The article reviewed was sent to me via email. Its message is so powerful and relevant that I have included it in my article in total.
Krakatoa erupted violently in 1883 with the loss of life estimated at 36,000. With the current seismic activity in Indonesia will Krakatoa be next?
Mt Tarawera was a fascinating place before it erupted in 1886. Pink and white terraces of crystalised silica attracted thousands of tourists.
The subject of this article was taken from an anonymous email I received recently. I am sure readers will find it amusing or relevant, depending on their age.
Modern perfumes contain chemicals that are harmful, even dangerous.
One night in the life of a ten year old boy. The story of an air raid in 1941.
This is a review of the one man show by Stephen Fry at the Sydney Opera House, as televised by the ABC in October 2010.
Krakatoa swept 165 villages from the face of the earth without a trace, including 36,000 lives. Since that traumatic eruption in 1883 it has been rebuilding itself! Could it happen again?
Personal experiences of a child brought up during WWII
Various ways to make a cup of tea. Science or Tradition. Who cares as long as you enjoy "Cuppa"
The history of the digital computer, from its beginnings in the 17th century to the invention of the Integrated Circuit.
The title "Knights of Bonalla" may seem a strange one, but it becomes obvious upon reading.
Personal experience of the Hyundai Getz. From a sceptic, now an avid fan!
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