Ariela Sophia

Ariela Sophia
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I am an optimist. A combination of melancholic and choleric traits. My writings will be inspirational and very original. I hope to be able to reach out through my writings.
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A page on the existence of true friends:Do true friends really exist or is it just a cliche? If they do,how do I find true friends.
God loves us,believes in us and is ever ready to let us in.
Change is a constant. In nature it is present. Day and night,different seasons,a time of birth and death and a lot more. It is an important factor in living.
A short writeup on certain set backs which might be unknown.
How I was helped by a complete stranger in a new city.
Seeing beyond today's obstacles. Letting go of excuses.
As a famous quote says slow and steady wins the race,so does this work.
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